Join MX Club Membership @ HKD 1,800 per year now!

***Immediate relatives got
10% of renting Bikes.

  Member Non-member
Renting Track HKD 150 HKD 300
  VIP HKD 100 (old member)
 - Below 150cc HKD 300 HKD 600
 - Above 149cc HKD 500 HKD 800
MX GEAR FOR RENT Racing kit full sets BOOT / PANT / JERSEY HKD150 per sets
  Safely gear sets HKD 50 per sets



Want to do something different on your birthday party?
Hard to seek an our door place for gathering or birthday party?

MXCLUB will be your best choice!




PRICE (all packages are only for kids age under 14)

 Package A (for 10 pax.)

Package B (for 10 pax.)

Package C (for 10 pax.)

HKD 4,500

HKD 5,300

HKD 6,300

2 Hours

2 Hours

3 Hours

Quad Bike x 3
Mimi-e Bike x 3
Gun x 10 (for wargame)

Quad Bike x 5
Mimi-e Bike x 5
Gun x 10 (for wargame)

Quad Bike x 5
Mimi-e Bike x 5
Gun x 10 (for wargame)

Adult + HK50 on top/person




Food Arrangement

You can bring your own food and beverage, or select from the below options:

 1. BBQ (Buffet Style)

2. Pizza-BOX

3. Pizza Hut

HKD 150 per Audlts
HKD 130 per Kids



minimum 10 people

Pizza-BOX can deliver to MXCLUB directly

Pizza Hut can only deliver to village entrance

Pork, Rib, Chicken Wing, Whole Chicken Wing, Chicken Leg, Fish Ball, Sausage, Corn, Sweet Potato, Sweet Pepper, Bread
(may vary depending on season)

Including 2 drinks price below $10

Link to Pizza-BOX

Link to Pizza Hut




You can select a time frame from the below three options:

10:30am - 12:30pm
1:00pm - 3:00pm
3:00pm - 6:00pm