Join MX Club Membership @ HKD 1,800 per year now!

***Immediate relatives got
10% of renting Bikes.

  Member Non-member
Renting Track HKD 150 HKD 300
  VIP HKD 100 (old member)
 - Below 150cc HKD 300 HKD 600
 - Above 149cc HKD 500 HKD 800
MX GEAR FOR RENT Racing kit full sets BOOT / PANT / JERSEY HKD150 per sets
  Safely gear sets HKD 50 per sets



The MXCLUB which was founded on March the 3rd 1996. Since opening the MXCLUB have progressed Motocross skills and techniques in Hong Kong and china. They have constantly been training people to a higher standard in motocross skills and understanding they are located in the North of the New Territories and the office and resources are situated there as well. They also provide professional training courses including “motocross Training", “Trail Bike Training " and “ATV Training" they are always pushing our limits to train better and heighten their standards in motocross racing.



per person

30 mins HKD 800
1 hour HKD 1,000
1.5 hours HKD 1,500
2 hours HKD 1,800
3 hours HKD 2,600
Training Course for Beginner
8 hours for 4 lessons HKD 3,200
CRF / KXF Pro bike 2 hours HKD 2,500
KTM EXC 2 hour HKD 3,500
Instructor Cost
Basic for 1 hour HKD 150
Professional for 1 hour HKD 300




You can select a time frame from the below three options:

10:30am - 12:30pm
1:00pm - 3:00pm
3:00pm - 6:00pm