Welcome to Hong Kong Motocross Racing Team and motocross club, Here’s the MXCLUB is established since 1996. Our aim is promoting energy sport training and other related service. MXCLUB is located at sheung shui private area for more than 15 years.

Recently MXCLUB is more focusing to provide outdoor and adventure energy sport and events. We keep expanding our facilities to provide a comfort and safety area for our guess to enjoy for their weekend. And we hope here’s the wonderland for people to come for a fun day out...


Hong Kong International elite hope TEAM Media Limited, formerly known as Hong Kong International Elite Racing Team. Since it was launched on March 10, 1996, has won the country’s top tournament, as well as Southeast Asian countries Invitational champion, Zhejiang Wuyi Speedway successfully held the first fancy motorcycle stuntperformances in 2008 by enthusiasm to join the local people as well as domestic multimedia concern, creating a domestic interspersed with the historical precedent ofthe fancy stunts motocross championships.

香港國際精英希望之TEAM傳媒有限公司,前身為香港國際精英賽車隊。 于1996年3月10日創辦至今,多次獲得全國最頂級賽事的冠軍, 以及東南亞各國的邀請賽冠軍, 并于2008年在浙江武義賽車場成功舉辦了首場摩托車花式特技表演活, 受到了當地人民的熱情捧場以及國內多媒體的關注,開創了國內在 全國越野摩托車錦標賽事中穿插花式特技表演的曆史先河。